I’m a sucker for the smallest details within the biggest moments that life has to offer. With this in mind, all I want is to break rules, then write music about it.
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Song of the Day:
I’ve Been Waiting by The Intermission Project

If grace is an ocean
then please let me drown
oh, please let me drown

Oh darling, I’ve been waiting on your smile
oh, Lord knows, I’ve been waiting for a while

The Intermission Project is an amazing, young, up and coming band out of Kent and their sound is spectacular and still developing. You should listen to them. I hope that they will be massive one day.

They’re not signed, their EP was only released last week, and I had been waiting for it with bated breath. The only qualm I have with it is that it’s only three songs long, and I want more, damnit.


  • Track: I've Been Waiting
  • Artist: The Intermission Project
  • Album: Sorry (EP)
  • Plays: 3211